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Leak Detection Malta’s Expert Resolution in Floriana

Leak Detection Malta

Executive Overview:

Leak Detection Malta, a renowned name in the realm of leak detection services, was recently called upon to address a water leak in a client’s property in Floriana. The issue was brought to the clients’ attention by the owner of the unit below, reporting water ingress. With a swift and professional response, Leak Detection Malta embarked on a detailed investigation, leveraging their advanced thermal imaging and acoustic leak detection technology.

Property Details:

  • Type: Traditional Apartment on the First Floor
  • Location: Floriana

The Investigation Journey:

Responding to the clients’ needs, Leak Detection Malta undertook a meticulous investigation to uncover the source and extent of the water leak. The team commenced by gaining an in-depth understanding of the property’s structure and plumbing system. Throughout this process, they maintained open communication with the clients, ensuring clarity and addressing any concerns.

Employing their cutting-edge thermal imaging and acoustic leak detection tools, Leak Detection Malta efficiently traced the water leak’s path and location. These technologies were pivotal in revealing hidden water trails and pinpointing the leakage beneath surface areas.

Locating the Leak:

The exhaustive investigation culminated in the successful identification of the water leak source. It was located in the hallway, near the entrance to the kitchen. This precise detection enabled the clients to act swiftly, averting further damage.

Recommendations and Efficient Repairs:

Following the leak detection, Leak Detection Malta provided a comprehensive report detailing their findings and proposed solutions. The clients, relying on the expertise of Leak Detection Malta, entrusted them to oversee the necessary repairs.

The company’s maintenance team, informed by the detailed investigation results, promptly and effectively executed the repairs on the same day. The team’s focus was on quality and durability, addressing the root cause to prevent future leak incidents.


Leak Detection Malta’s adept handling of the Floriana water leak showcases their proficiency in swiftly resolving such issues. Their use of advanced detection technologies facilitated immediate repair actions, preserving the property’s integrity and alleviating the clients’ concerns. Their commitment to reliable, efficient service and the use of state-of-the-art technology underscores their role in protecting properties from the detrimental effects of water leaks.