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Overcoming Challenges in Water Leak Detection

Plumber checking for faults with thermal imaging Malta

Water leak detection is a crucial aspect of maintaining the integrity of any plumbing system. However, identifying leaks becomes significantly more challenging when pipes are well concealed beyond the traditional building practices. In such circumstances, traditional methods may prove inadequate and conventional techniques fall short, hence requiring innovative approaches and a high level of expertise.

One of the primary obstacles our team faces is locating pipes buried deep within the subterrain material.  In some cases, the pipes are laid several inches below the surface, making visual inspection impossible. Additionally, under tiling material and density can vary, further complicating the detection process. To overcome this challenge, our best use of our acoustic water leak detection equipment is done which detect sound vibrations generated by water leaks, even through layers of material helping us identify potential leak points accurately.

Another common scenario encountered is dealing with pipes encased in concrete or covered by waterproofing layers. Traditional methods such as visual inspection or thermal imaging inspections may prove ineffective in such cases. To address this challenge, we utilize specialized equipment designed to penetrate concrete and membrane layers with minimal damage.

In addition to technological advancements, access to accurate plumbing plans or schematics can be invaluable in facilitating the leak detection process. However, we understand that obtaining this information may not always be easy and possible especially in older or undocumented facilities. In such instances, our team relies on a combination of experience, expertise, and innovative problem-solving to overcome obstacles and deliver the best results.